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Do you need to know everything about a house from the roof ridge down to the foundation? The Smart Inspectors will identify any hidden surprises lurking in the structure, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, appliances, etc… In the end, you will know more about the house than you probably care to know.  Specializing in Residential Home Inspections, The Smart Inspector team can help you Buy or Sell your property with confidence.  If you are in the DFW metroplex, please join us at the property to review your report.  If you are not present to review, no worries; we’ll review your report with you over the phone.  If you’re looking for extremely picky inspectors with the verbal skills to explain their findings, then look no further.  After all, who do you want inspecting your home? The Smart Inspector.

Types of Inspections

Typically, homes are inspected before they are bought or sold, but there are many reasons to have a house inspected.  Don’t let hidden deficiencies turn into money-pits later down the line. Are you curious on the condition of your roof or foundation?  If so, we perform single-component inspections as well.

Buying a Home

Have your home inspected before closing!

Selling a Home

Uncover hidden suprises before listing!

New Construction

Yes, even new homes need inspections!

1 Year Warranty

Inspect your home in the 11th month to avoid future costs!

Single Component Inspection

Just need one or two things checked out?

What Is A Home Inspection

We Service Over 100 Communities

We work from home…Your Home!  We service the majority of North Texas homes, and we’re looking forward to helping you today!  Don’t be a stranger; call, text, or email and we’ll be there to help.




rivas sisco
rivas sisco
Talk about THOROUGH! Brian helped us every step of the way and absolutely went above and beyond by putting our minds at ease. It was just the cherry on top that he was such an awesome guy and welcomed every single question that we had and explained everything in depth. He spent so much time with us and we were so pleased to have landed with these guys. Will definitely use them on any future home endeavors.
Alan Gull
Alan Gull
It is extremely satisfying to work with qualified professionals who are invested in not only their success, but your success as well! Forest Ivy is absolutely reliable, I absolutely recommend.
Maggie Stamas
Maggie Stamas
Forest is so passionate about home inspections and it shows! He’s super knowledgeable, precise and thorough. You can’t go wrong with his team!
Misty Bryant
Misty Bryant
Forest was very professional!!!
Brace A-Cross
Brace A-Cross
Forrest and his team are top quality and always take great care of their clients.
Brig Serman
Brig Serman
Forest and his team do a terrific job with inspections!
Joshua Burton
Joshua Burton
What a great experience with the SMART Inspector team, especially as a first time home buyer with a lot of question . Very professional and timely experience. Detail oriented and excellent review process. Communication was outstanding . Forest did an exceptional job and would highly recommend for inspection needs!
Amanda Ryan
Amanda Ryan
Our real estate team has had the honor of recommending Forest, Brian and the team to our clients for numerous years, and each time, they exceed our expectations. Their team uses tools to test everything throughout the home and their reports include photos and videos. I really appreciate The Smart Inspector's attention to detail, professionalism, and client-friendly inspection experience.
Tucker Kaufman
Tucker Kaufman
I messaged Forest on a Sunday, it said he was closed but still texted him. He was very responsive quick and sent me a link where to book. His videos are informative and he seems knowledgeable. I usually look at reviews and this guy doesn't seem to miss a beat. The only reason I didn't go with him is because we have a friend in the business. Definitely go with this guy, he is A+ service!!
Clean Cut Brothers
Clean Cut Brothers
They are great!! Very thorough Brian was great!! Very knowledgeable! Very affordable !


Thermal Imaging


Grading & Drainage


Pool & Spas





Learn More About Your Home

Common Problems With Electrical Panels


This video covers 3 issues that are commonly found with electrical panels. It is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of all the issues that are found with electrical panels; that list would be too long!

Sell Your Home Prep (Part 2)


Are you selling your home? This second video covers deficiencies on the inside of your home. In this video, we address the doors, smoke detectors, HVAC filters, electrical panel, garage doors, caulking, and common plumbing issues.

Dallas Home Inspection Companies

Professional Dallas home inspection companies play an essential role when you are looking to invest in a new home or examining your current home’s health. Your home inspector provides peace of mind, ensuring the integrity of the house you are buying or preventing any costly future damages in the home you currently own.


A Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Among the multitude of home inspection companies in Dallas TX today, The Smart Inspectors stand out due to our comprehensive services.

  • Free Thermal Imaging – This technology allows your home inspector to detect hidden issues that might be missed during a standard visual inspection, such as water leaks or insulation gaps.
  • Structural Inspection – Examine the integrity of the building’s structure, an indispensable step to prove safety and durability.
  • HVAC Inspection – One way Dallas home inspection companies save you from potential significant costs down the road is by ensuring that your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system is functioning
  • Electrical Inspection – We will ensure that your home’s electrical wiring and systems are safe and up to standard.
  • Pool & Spas Inspection – We check for any defects in your pool or spa structure and their accompanying equipment.
  • Appliances Inspection – An expert home inspector will ensure that the appliances in your home are working correctly, preventing unfortunate surprises post-purchase.
  • Grading & Drainage Inspection – This safeguards your property from potential water damage, which could lead to expensive repairs.
  • Irrigation/Sprinklers Inspection – Your home inspector will check the functionality of your irrigation systems to ensure efficient water usage.

Fun Facts About Home Inspections 

Despite the important role they play, there’s a lot about home inspection companies in Dallas TX that goes unnoticed. Here are some fun facts that you may not know:

  • Every house, even new builds, have deficiencies.
  • More than 77% of all homes are inspected before purchase.
  • A home inspection can save homeowners $1,000s of dollars in potential repairs.


Share Your Home Inspection-Related Fun Fact And Save Money

Sharing your own fun fact related to Dallas home inspection companies when booking services via our website will reward you with a $25 discount. Contact The Smart Inspectors today to get started!

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