Burleson Home Inspection Companies

Buying a new home comes with a set of unique challenges, making the need for Burleson home inspection companies an absolute necessity. With the comprehensive services your home inspector provides, you will be better able to make an informed decision about any property.


Free Thermal Imaging With All Home Inspections

It is essential to work with home inspection companies in Burleson TX that offer you the latest technology. Technological advancements have seen the introduction of thermal imaging into the home inspection industry, revolutionizing the process in various ways.

  • Uncover Hidden Issues – Thermal imaging allows inspectors to detect heat patterns, changes in temperatures, and thereby uncover issues like hidden moisture, air leaks, and electrical system overloads. That is invaluable information when you are deciding whether to buy a property.
  • Non-Destructive Testing – Traditional home inspections from Burleson home inspection companies often require physical contact and sometimes even minor alteration or damage to the property to access certain areas. Thermal imaging is non-invasive and allows the inspector to identify potential problems without causing any damage.
  • Save Energy Costs – Thermal imaging can pinpoint areas of heat loss due to inadequate insulation, leaks, etc… Addressing these issues can result in substantial energy cost savings.
  • Early Detection of Potential Hazards – Thermal imaging can also help identify potential fire hazards in a home, such as overheating electrical components, before they become an issue. This early detection gives homeowners the opportunity to address the problem promptly and avoid a potential disaster.


How Home Inspections Inform Real Estate Negotiations

The information gleaned from home inspection companies in Burleson TX can be incredibly valuable for homebuyers and real estate agents in their negotiations. If significant defects are identified:

  • The buyer can request repairs
  • A lower sale price may be negotiated
  • You can abandon the sale if needed repairs are too extensive


Know Exactly What You Are Investing In

Experienced Burleson home inspection companies take the guesswork out of any type of real estate investment. Plus, get a $25 discount off your home inspection for sharing a fun fact when you book an appointment on our website. Here’s to an educated home-buying journey from The Smart Inspectors!