Burleson Licensed Home Inspectors

Once you’ve chosen a home, it’s important to schedule a home inspection as soon as possible. The Burleson licensed home inspectors from The Smart Inspector provide thorough, comprehensive inspections that leave no stone unturned. People hire us to do their inspections when buying homes, selling homes or building homes. Without these reports, it’s hard to know what could be lurking behind the walls and floors of your new property!

To schedule a home inspection with our licensed home inspectors in Burleson TX, contact The Smart Inspector today. If you book online and share a fun fact, you get $25 off your inspection! We also have fair pricing and convenient appointments, including same-day inspections and reports!

What You Should Know About Scheduling a Home Inspection

A home inspection is generally the buyer’s responsibility. Sellers can schedule inspections, too, but they are for their purposes only. For example, a seller might schedule an inspection before listing their home to find out what problems need to be fixed.

As the buyer, when you receive the report, it’s important to look things over and address major issues. Most sellers are eager to close the deal and will work with you to resolve the issues. If your negotiations prove unsuccessful, you can back out of the sale. While this may not be ideal, it saves you from investing in a home that needs a lot of work.

It’s also recommended to find your own Burleson licensed home inspectors. This ensures you get an unbiased report on your home’s condition. You can also hand select your inspector based on their price, the quality of their inspection and the equipment used.

Why Choose Our Licensed Home Inspectors in Burleson TX

The Smart Inspector always puts our customers first. We know that buying a home is a significant investment, and we intend to help you make informed decisions. Here is what you can expect from our team:

  • Thorough, detailed home inspections that include the interior and exterior of the home, as well as appliances, heating and cooling equipment, electrical system, plumbing, irrigation, drainage and more.
  • Skilled inspectors that are licensed in the state of Texas. They are trained to notice the smallest details and are comfortable using the latest technology.
  • Complimentary thermal imaging with each inspection, which uses infrared technology to detect electrical problems, moisture and more.
  • Convenient appointments to meet your needs and keep your closing date on track. We even have same-day appointments and reports, which you can view at home or over the phone.

Don’t trust your biggest investment to just anyone. Put your trust in the Burleson licensed home inspectors from The Smart Inspector. We’ll check every visible part of the home and ensure you’re making a sound investment!