Colleyville Home Inspection Companies

Buying property requires vigilance and thoroughness. These attributes are provided in no small measure by Colleyville home inspection companies like The Smart Inspectors, trusted by investors and home buyers throughout the area.


Free Thermal Imaging For All Clients

The evolution of technology has greatly benefited home inspection companies in Colleyville TX and one significant development is thermal imaging, which uses infrared technology to detect temperature differences within the home. This tool has proven to be invaluable in uncovering problems that are not perceptible through basic visual inspection such as:

  • Water Damage and Leaks – Water damage and leaks can remain hidden until severe rot or organic growth sets in. Thermal imaging can detect subtle differences in temperature caused by moisture, highlighting leaks from plumbing fixtures, appliances, roofs, or windows. Identifying these issues early can prevent costly structural damages and health hazards.
  • Insulation Gaps – Thermal imaging from Colleyville home inspection companies can provide a clear, color-coded image of a home’s insulation, pointing out where it’s missing or not functioning correctly. Cold spots in the wall’s thermal spectrum may indicate missing insulation, contributing to a home’s heat loss and higher energy bills.
  • Electrical Overloads – Overloaded electrical systems and circuits produce excess heat that could escalate into a fire risk. Thermal imaging can reveal these hotspots early on, allowing for prompt repairs and thus preventing potential fire hazards.
  • Structural Issues – Structural defects, often linked to deficient construction or water damage, can also be detected through thermal imaging. Variations in surface temperatures of floors, walls, and ceilings may point to structural issues that should be further investigated.


Invest Wisely

We are one of the most highly recommended home inspection companies in Colleyville TX because of the quality and variety of services we offer:

  • Buyer’s Home Inspection to evaluate the home’s structural and functional components
  • Pre-Listing Inspection to help sellers anticipate potential issues that may come up during a buyer’s inspection, giving you a chance to address them beforehand
  • 11-Month Warranty Inspections before your new home warranty runs out


How We Save You Money

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