Denton Licensed Home Inspectors

The Smart Inspector provides detailed, high-quality inspections for individuals buying homes, selling homes or building homes. We have Denton licensed home inspectors who are trained to catch the smallest details. Our inspectors never rush through our inspections or cut corners, and we provide detailed reports that let you know if there are any issues with the property.

To schedule a home inspection with our licensed home inspectors in Denton TX, contact The Smart Inspector today. If you book online – and share any fun fact with us! – you get $25 off the cost of your inspection!

What Happens During a Home Inspection?

When you are in the process of buying a home, there are many things you have to do. Scheduling a home inspection might seem like another box to check off, but it’s one of the most important tools you have. Your home is likely your biggest investment, and you deserve to know that you’re buying something safe for you and your family.

Thanks to a home inspection, you can learn a lot about the house you plan to buy. Here are some of the main things that our Denton licensed home inspectors check:

  • Structural elements
  • Safety issues
  • Grading and Drainage
  • Roof
  • Exterior surfaces
  • Attic
  • Interior plumbing
  • Electrical system
  • Appliances
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Basement and garage
  • Insulation and ventilation

What to Expect from Our Licensed Home Inspectors in Denton TX  

Once the inspection is complete, which usually takes around three hours, you’ll receive a detailed report letting you know what was found. If there are issues that need to be taken care of, you can work that out with the seller. A home inspection is a great tool for negotiations. If the seller is unwilling to work with you, there’s the option to back out of the sale.

As a team of trusted home inspectors, you can expect:

  • Thorough inspections that follow the highest standards
  • Skilled, licensed home inspectors
  • Same-day inspections and reports
  • Review report at home or over the phone
  • Complimentary thermal imaging

Get an Unbiased Report on Your Property

To ensure you get objective, unbiased information about your property, it’s best to hire your own inspector. Some realtors and inspectors have working relationships, and the inspector may go easy on the report to ensure the sale goes through with few problems. When you hire your own home inspector, you can rest assured that you’re getting a thorough evaluation of your home’s condition.

With flexible appointments, including same-day inspections and reports, you have nothing to lose by giving our Denton licensed home inspectors a call. We’ll perform a thorough job so that you can make an informed decision about your new home!