Fort Worth House Inspection Services

We understand that a house is more than just bricks and mortar. It is a symbol of your hard-earned success. Whether it is your first home or a portfolio-enhancing investment property, our Fort Worth house inspection services can make your real estate experience a little less daunting.


Common Problems Encountered During House Inspections

The Smart Inspectors regularly uncover various issues that could affect your property value negatively. That’s why our customers demand house inspection services in Fort Worth TX that combine years of experience, top-of-the-line technology, and a commitment to transparency.

  • Roof Issues – Damaged or poorly maintained roofs are a common sight in house inspections. A house inspector identifies issues such as loose shingles, leaks, or inadequate attic ventilation and provides recommendations on repair or replacement to maintain structural integrity.
  • Electrical Problems – Outdated, improperly installed, or inadequate wiring can pose potential fire hazards. House inspectors carry out detailed assessments on your home’s electrical systems to ensure they meet safety standards and make plans to remedy any non-compliant setup.
  • Water Drainage and Irrigation Issues – Over time, a home’s water systems are subjected to wear and tear, which can cause leaks, subpar water pressure, or damaged landscape. We conduct thorough Fort Worth house inspection services on your water systems, pinpointing the exact problem areas and suggesting appropriate repairs.
  • Foundation Problems – Compromised foundations can lead to uneven floors, structural instability, and eventual high repair costs. A house inspector checks for issues with grading, drainage, or cracks in the foundation and proposes necessary support measures to rectify the problems.


Our Complimentary Thermal Imaging Makes All The Difference

Thermal imaging is a game-changing technological advancement that house inspection services in Fort Worth TX use to your advantage:

  • Early Detection of Issues
  • Non-Invasive Examination Using Heat Signatures to Find Hidden Problems
  • Detailed Reporting Complete with thermal images
  • Expedited Process Saves Time So You Receive Your Report the Same Day (in most cases)


Book Online, Save Money

Share a fun fact when you book an appointment for Fort Worth house inspection services through our website and receive a $25 discount on your house inspection. Save cash and let The Smart Inspectors put your mind at ease knowing that your property’s safety, value, and long-term durability are assured.