Frisco New Construction Inspection

Even the most flawless-looking house can have hidden issues that become nightmarish after closing on a purchase. Therefore, you should seek professional Frisco new construction inspection services before signing the final documents. With the many options available in Texas, getting the most suitable match can be daunting.


  • Licensing: A Texas state license is non-negotiable when looking for new construction inspection in Frisco TX – it is the only way to ensure you get a proficient inspector conversant with the local building codes and regulations. The license also indicates that the inspector has undergone the relevant training and can be trusted to provide high-quality services. The technical knowledge gained during training is irreplaceable.
  • Experience: Our ability to deliver thorough home inspections stems from our professionalism and experience. We can complete the work the same day without sacrificing quality because we have learned the dos and don’ts from experience. Over time, our inspectors have honed their skills and improved their knowledge with hands-on experience.
  • Inspection expertise: Unlike an exclusive home resale inspection, a Frisco new construction inspection requires a more comprehensive understanding of the subject. The job usually entails multiple aspects that the inspector must handle expertly. Ensure the inspector you hire is certified to handle all inspection phases and categories, from structural integrity to irrigation and sprinklers. Our team can deliver reliable inspection reports regardless of your concerns. Whether you want to determine the condition of the pool or electrical system, our crew will complete the evaluation and give a conclusive report.


The Smart Inspector PLLC is here to guide you through all your inspection needs, whether setting up new business premises or buying a home. Our new construction inspection in Frisco TX is inclusive and thorough regardless of the size or type of building. We strive for exceptional customer service while offering the following:

  • Accurate inspections and reports on the same day
  • Thermal imaging in every inspection
  • Friendly and professional team


We take pride in protecting you and your potential investment before you finalize the deal. Call (850)637-7725 for an unmatched Frisco new construction inspection.