Keller House Inspection Services

Real estate deals are not always straightforward because hidden problems can exist even in newly-constructed homes. When it comes to purchasing property, our Keller house inspection services ensure that you are not sinking your money into a bottomless pit.


A Critical In Preserving Real Estate Worth

Our house inspection services in Keller TX provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the property’s general state and shine a light on impending or immediate repairs that might be required.

  • Buying a Home – A thorough appraisal of the vital elements of the home such as its structural soundness, heating and air conditioning systems, and electrical networks allows prospective purchasers to gain clear insights into their investment and avoid unexpected repairs. Your home inspector will also go the extra mile and inspect irrigation systems that affect landscaping as well as pools & spas.
  • Selling a Home – Scheduling professional Keller house inspection services prior to putting the property on the market offers a transparent view of the current state of the home and reveals any potential issues early on. This truthfulness with buyers on the front end can foster confidence, minimizes unnecessary bargaining and may allow deals to be closed more quickly.
  • 11-Month Inspection – A detailed home inspection conducted during the eleventh month of your 1-year warranty looks for problems that have emerged since you moved in, ranging from leaky roofs to HVAC troubles. By identifying these issues before your warranty expires, you can ensure their timely resolution and keep your expenses in check.


Enjoy A $25 Discount On Your Home Inspection

You deserve to enjoy savings on house inspection services in Keller TX today, and with The Smart Inspectors, it is a breeze! Simply schedule services via our website and share one interesting fact. Did you know:

  • Our thermal imaging can see hidden issues such as water leaks or moisture damage by detecting temperature differences
  • One of the most intriguing finds during home inspections can be hidden rooms or secret passages, which is like uncovering a little piece of history or stepping into a mystery novel
  • A home inspection can save you thousands of dollars by detecting problems early


Easy Scheduling, Prompt Service

The Smart Inspectors offer same-day inspection results! Visit us online to schedule Keller house inspection services to learn more.