Keller New Construction Inspection

Same-day reports, thorough inspections and professional assistance with the report review are some of the benefits you can expect when you hire The Smart Inspector PLLC for Keller new construction inspection. Whichever inspection you want, our team will respond quickly and do a meticulous job.


  • Rough In – The first Keller new construction inspection phase mainly focuses on the foundation integrity. It ensures the structure does not have potential detrimental issues that can cause problems later. Our inspectors usually pay attention to tree roots likely to interfere with the foundation, the moisture barriers, rough plumbing systems, and HVAC ducting, among other elements.
  • Framework – The next phase of new construction inspection in Keller TX involves evaluating the framing, which should happen once the frames, roof, and windows are in place but before the walls are installed. The inspection focuses on the beams, studs, and posts, ensuring everything is in place before construction continues. Since the property construction is nearing the end during this stage, we also assess the electrical, plumbing, and all mechanical components like HVAC systems.
  • Phase 3 – The final inspection happens before the contractor finalizes the job. The inspector identifies all areas that need repairs before the construction is finalized so that the contractor can fix the issues. The inspection is similar to the one we do on resale properties to establish safety and adherence to building standards.


Booking another inspection before the warranty on the new property expires is also advised. It allows you to use the warranty to fix problems that may have arisen after the final new construction inspection in Keller TX. Issues will manifest as the house settles, and the inspection ensures you do not pay the bills. The inspection may uncover issues such as:

  • Incomplete HVAC ductwork
  • Incomplete Insulation
  • Damaged roof shingles


Our Keller new construction inspection professionals are the best team to ensure you buy a home that meets all your specifications. We can help you purchase a home you will be proud of for many years. Get in touch at (850) 637-7725.