Lewisville Certified Home Inspectors

Whether it is a new construction or a mid-century home, hiring Lewisville certified home inspectors is the key to ensuring everything is in perfect working condition. The Smart Inspector PLLC was started with the primary goal of giving you the peace of mind you deserve to make the right choice for your family’s future. We do so by offering the most comprehensive home inspection services in Lewisville.


  • Thermal imaging: Our certified home inspectors in Lewisville TX use thermal imaging to pick traces of heat. This enables them to find deficiencies that would not be found any other way. Thermal imaging can find faulty wiring, missing insulation, and plumbing leaks, among other issues. The best thing is that we offer thermal imaging for free, and it is included in every inspection.
  • HVAC: Every service by our Lewisville certified home inspectors includes an HVAC system inspection. Our goal is to understand the installed HVAC system and let you know if it is sufficient for your home.
  • Structural: Structural inspections include the foundation, interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, ceilings, floors, attic and roof. Our inspectors will pinpoint any structural issues and include them in a detailed inspection report.
  • Electrical: As certified home inspectors in Lewisville TX, we will take the time to check if your electrical systems have any faults and let you know if they meet the current building standards.
  • Grading and drainage: We will ensure the grading and drainage offers sufficient protection to your property.
  • Appliances inspections
  • Pool and spa inspection
  • Irrigation and sprinkler inspection


We are committed to offering the best inspection services, whether you are buying or selling a home or getting ready to move into a new construction. Our services range from home inspections and report reviews to same-day inspections and the use of the latest technology.

Contact us today via (850) 637-7725 or visit our offices at 2101 Stonehill Ct, Arlington, TX 76012. Since you are already on our website, why not book an appointment here and enjoy a $25 discount? As trusted Lewisville certified home inspectors, we are always happy to hear from you and eager to offer the comprehensive services you deserve.