Lewisville Home Inspection Companies

Purchasing a home is a major investment. It is crucial to make sound decisions. You can trust professional Lewisville home inspection companies to provide you with valuable insights that can help you avoid unexpected surprises.


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It can be overwhelming to find the right home inspection companies in Lewisville TX to evaluate your investment. The Smart Inspectors offers a wide array of services to ensure you have a complete understanding of your potential home.


  • Free Thermal Imaging – Using this advanced technology, your home inspector can quickly identify hidden concerns, such as moisture issues, insulation gaps, and electrical hotspots.
  • HVAC Inspection – We analyze the efficiency, safety, and overall performance of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.
  • Electrical Inspection – Faulty electrical systems can pose a significant risk to both the safety and functionality of your home. Our electrical inspection service involves a thorough assessment of the wiring, outlets, and electrical panel.
  • Structural Inspection – Expert Lewisville home inspection companies delve into the property’s foundation, walls, floors, and roof to determine whether any issues may affect the strength and safety of your home.
  • Irrigation/Sprinklers Inspection – Your home inspector will examine the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, ensuring your landscaping remains vibrant while conserving water.
  • Grading & Drainage Inspection – We ensure the property’s landscape is designed to effectively manage water flow, reducing the risk of water damage or structural issues.
  • Pool and Spa Inspection – We will evaluate safety equipment, water quality, and structural stability, so you can enjoy these amenities with peace of mind.
  • Appliance Inspection – Our home inspection service verifies appliance functionality and overall condition, ensuring you get the most out of them while avoiding unexpected expenses.


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For real estate professionals as well as property owners, experienced home inspection companies in Lewisville TX are essential when:

  • Buying a Home
  • Selling a Home
  • A Home Warranty is About to Expire
  • New Construction Needs to be Inspected


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