McKinney Certified Home Inspectors

Avoid costly home maintenance down the road with our home inspection services. We are the top McKinney certified home inspectors and are committed to maintaining a ‘service first’ approach while providing unmatched service quality. Our company is built around highly trained, certified, and full-time property inspectors committed to offering excellent services and customer support.

Therefore, whether you are buying a new home, selling one, or need a home maintenance inspection, rest assured our certified home inspectors in McKinney TX, will meet and exceed your property inspection expectations. They will leave you with complete peace of mind and a detailed report that paints a full picture of your home’s health.


Did you know there’s nothing more rewarding than buying and owning a home? However, regular inspections and routine maintenance are essential to preserving your home, much like changing your car’s oil regularly. According to qualified and certified home inspectors in McKinney TX, structural issues that go unchecked for an extended period can cause extensive damage and costly repairs.

Luckily, our McKinney certified home inspectors can help assess the current condition of your home. They can also recommend the repairs or enhancements you need to prevent minor issues from causing costly damage. At The Smart Inspector PLLC, our home inspections are powered by the latest tech, like infrared thermography. With our thorough, same-day inspections and reports, you can have detailed information on the current condition of the following:

  • Your home’s structural system – foundation, roofing, drainage, walls, doors, windows, fireplaces, stairways, and other parts of your home.
  • Electrical systems, including the service entrance & panels, connected devices, electrical fixtures, and branch circuits.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
  • Plumbing system – plumbing fixtures, distribution systems, drains, water heating equipment, and more.
  • Appliances such as food waste disposers, dishwashers, exhaust systems, garage door operators, and more.

Our high-quality home inspection services and same-day reports allow us to present the condition of your home the day you schedule an inspection. As the leading McKinney certified home inspectors, we ensure you are ready to make a home purchase or maintenance decision with confidence and certainty. Contact us at (805) 637-7725 today and schedule a home inspection.