McKinney Licensed Home Inspectors

Are you looking for comprehensive home inspection services? If so, the McKinney licensed home inspectors from The Smart Inspector are here to help! Our team provides detailed, high-quality inspections that check for everything possible. We never rush through our inspections or cut corners. We know that a home is the biggest investment for most people, and we are here to help you make an informed decision! 

Scheduling a home inspection with our licensed home inspectors in McKinney TX is easy! You can book an appointment online, and if you share a fun fact with us, you can save $25 off your inspection! Keep the ball rolling with the purchase of your new property and get a detailed report on its condition by contacting us today!

Are Home Inspections Really Necessary?

Some people wonder if home inspections are really necessary, especially when they love the home and it appears to be well taken care of. The thing is, no one really knows what’s lurking in certain parts of the home – even the current owners. Small issues could be forming, and a home inspection will find them so they don’t surprise you later on.

What if there is something major with the home that needs to be addressed, such as a leaky roof or compromised foundation? With a report in hand, you can negotiate with the sellers to get the problem fixed or back out of the sale. Either way, you’re saving thousands of dollars and hours of hassle.

Bottom line: home inspections are necessary. Not to mention, most lenders require them before borrowing money.

Benefits of Choosing Our Licensed Home Inspectors in McKinney TX

The Smart Inspector is a locally owned company that provides thorough inspections. We have skilled, licensed inspectors who are trained to catch the smallest details. Here are some advantages to choosing us to perform your home inspection:

  • Comprehensive inspections. Our McKinney licensed home inspectors check both the interior and exterior of the home. We cover pools and spas, appliances, heating and cooling systems, structural components, electrical systems, grading and drainage and more.
  • Skilled inspectors. Our inspectors are highly trained and experienced. They know what to look for, what signs may indicate a problem and how to use the latest technology. You can also expect your inspector to be polite and courteous while on your property.
  • Latest technology. It’s not always easy to catch things with the naked eye. Fortunately, we rely on the latest technology to help us out, such as thermal imaging, gas and carbon monoxide detection and more!

To schedule your home inspection with our McKinney licensed home inspectors, book your appointment online today. And don’t forget to share a fun fact for $25 off!