Grading and Drainage

Grading refers to the land surrounding your house, and drainage refers to the mitigation of water away from your house.  Poor grading and drainage eventually lead to a poor foundation for your home.  Every quality home inspection addresses these factors, because what good is a home if it’s not built on good ground? 

Grading and drainage go hand in hand; the land surrounding your house is greatly responsible for the mitigation of water.  For example, if your house is built on a hillside, then where does the water go during a rain storm?  The rain that falls downhill from your house will continue to flow downhill, away from your house.  The rain that falls uphill from your house will continue to flow downhill, toward your house.  What steps can be taken to redirect the flow of water away from your house’s foundation?  Have those steps already been taken on the home you’re about to purchase? 

Another concern with grading is foliage.  Everyone loves a good garden and some nice trees, but The Smart Inspectors have your safety in mind first.  Trees that are too close to home can cause the following issues: added wear and tear to your roof, roots pushing the foundation, branches serve as a bridge for inspects and pests, etc…  Another type of foliage that can be a safety hazard are large bushes.  Too often have we seen large bushes that prevent emergency egress (escape) from a bedroom.  Would you rather have an impromptu escape plan or some nice big bushes?  All of these concerns and more are addressed when The Smart Inspectors perform your home inspection.