Texas is HOT!  If you want your yard to survive the summer heat, then you will need a good sprinkler system.  If the house you are buying has a sprinkler system, make sure to tell The Smart Inspectors and we’ll include it in our high-quality home inspection.

Sprinkler systems can get complicated.  Not only is it our goal to assess the functionality of your system, but we also want you to understand your system.  How many zones do you have?  Are all of the sprinklers functioning?  Do any of the sprinkler heads need adjusting?  When you receive your inspection report from The Smart Inspectors, you will have the answers to all of these questions.  Every zone is photographed so you know what each zone covers.  Knowing this allows zones to be adjusted for your new yard’s specific watering needs.  Also, every broken sprinkler head is pinpointed and named by zone.  This allows the repair of sprinkler heads to be made right away.

Many functioning sprinkler heads end up watering more than your yard.  For instance, sprinklers are known to spray the house itself.  This can lead to quick deterioration of materials, especially on houses with stucco exteriors.  Rest assured that every mis-spraying sprinkler head is recorded and reported with every home inspection.  We give you the power to fine tune your sprinkler system so you can keep your property looking top notch!