Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a free service that The Smart Inspectors offer with every high-quality home inspection; it’s the only way to be as thorough as possible!  Thermal cameras “see” the world differently than other cameras.  Thermal cameras pick up traces of heat and allow inspectors to find deficiencies that would normally go unseen.

What types of deficiencies can one find with a thermal camera?  Missing insulation, faulty wiring, or even plumbing leaks can all be found with thermal imaging.  The Smart Inspectors have seen it all!  A raised ceiling in a remodeled home sure looks amazing, but have you wondered why it’s always hot in there?  Thermal imaging can show you if the newly heightened walls were insulated after the remodel.  Have a new construction house and want to make sure it has the insulation you were told that it would have?

 Thermal imaging can show any missing insulation in the walls with ease.  Do you have a fire hazard lurking in your walls?  A thermal camera can show evidence of resistance at switches and fixtures that would eventually lead to fire from faulty wiring.  Ever notice how a toilet can be slightly loose?  Thermal imaging can show whether or not that loose toilet has leaked water under your flooring in the bathroom.

In summary, thermal imaging is a key ingredient for any quality home inspection.  The only way to know the most about a property is by using the most up-to-date technology.  Rest assured that The Smart Inspectors will use thermal imaging when inspecting your property!