Meet Our Team

Forest Ivey

Professional Inspector #23646

Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, Forest first entered the real estate world as an investor.  After having hired multiple inspection companies, he recognized the strengths that each inspection company offered.  In 2019, he took each of those strengths and put them into his own inspection company; thus The Smart Inspector PLLC was born!

Forest and his wife, Kathleen, now reside in North Arlington with their twin children.  Forest has a background in woodworking, welding, electrical work, and building cars.  He also has lived in multiple countries and speaks multiple languages.  As such, he graduated from UTA with a Master’s Degree in Linguistics.  His hobbies include wrenching on cars, cooking, and playing musical instruments.

Brian Cain

Professional Inspector #24824

Brain is known for his bubbly personality and dedication to helping those in need.  Brian’s main motivation for inspecting houses is knowing that he has successfully informed his clients about every inch of the home they’re purchasing. When you meet him, you will understand that he is not only a mechanically-minded thinker, but he is also a social butterfly.  This perfect combination makes for a great inspector who can explain his findings to you, the client, with ease.

Brian has an extensive background in RX-7s and Rotary Engines.  Since the late 80’s, Brian has been rebuilding rotary engines for his own business, BDC Motorsports.  Other hobbies of his include working on computers and body building.

Chris Hudson

Professional Inspector #24844

Chris comes from a family with a background in engineering and real estate.  As such, Chris received his degree in Business Administration in Real Estate and Real Estate Law from Tarleton State University, although many of his studies were “geared” toward mechanics and engineering.

Chris enjoys passing the time by building and driving cars for drag racing.  He’s not limited to cars though; Chris can and does work on anything with an engine and wheels.  Other hobbies of his include working on his lawn and gardening.  There really isn’t anything that Chris can’t learn to do!

Chris Sarris

Professional Inspector #25954

If Chris’ wit were any sharper he would need a license to carry it! The only thing sharper than his wit is his keen eye for detail, which he employs during every high quality home inspection. Being as friendly and relatable as he is, Chris excels at interpreting his findings to you, the client.

In his free time, Chris can be found either on the golf course or in the kitchen.  Whether he’s swinging clubs or kitchen knives, he’ll be brandishing his signature smile!