Waxahachie New Construction Inspection

New construction homes are not always free from defects. That is why at The Smart Inspector PLLC, we are committed to offering the best services in Waxahachie new construction inspection. Unlike old homes where sellers have to disclose any known defects, with new constructions, builders will not market a home with defects. Issues with poor construction may start surfacing after you move in.


  • Identify a poor build: There are builders and contractors notorious for cutting corners. They may use low-quality materials or poor project management in order to cut costs. Our services in new construction inspection in Waxahachie TX will help you identify a poor build before you ever commit to buy.
  • Ensure adherence to municipal codes: Municipal codes don’t always protect you from most new construction defects. Some of the codes incentivize lazy contractors to do the bare minimum to pass local inspections. Our in-house team will go the extra mile to ensure your new home is not only well constructed but also meets stringent building codes.
  • Guarantee the building meets your needs: One of the primary goals of our services in Waxahachie new construction inspection is to ensure the building you are after aligns with your needs. For example, if you wish to install a home gym in the basement, we will let you know if that will be possible.


We understand that many new construction homes do not present issues until after years of use. Our job is to perform a thorough new construction inspection in Waxahachie TX so that you are well aware of what you are getting yourself into. In addition to using proven techniques, we rely on the latest technology, such as thermal imaging, to ensure we don’t miss anything. Furthermore, as Texas state licensed inspectors, you can be guaranteed the most thorough inspection from us.


When you need Waxahachie new construction inspection, we are your best bet. Our services include home inspections, report reviews, and same-day inspections. Call us at (850) 637-7725 or take advantage of our $25 discount when you book through our website.