Arlington New Construction Inspection

Owning a new home can be thrilling, but it can also be overwhelming without the necessary support. That is why we provide Arlington new construction inspection services. We can handle various inspection needs uniquely and professionally, making us the best choice for your property. Our knowledge, skills, and experience in the real estate industry can smooth your property acquisition journey.


  • Rectify errors early – Issues are bound to arise during construction, no matter how thorough the planning is. The earlier those problems are identified, the faster they can be fixed. Home inspectors bring a fresh perspective that the construction workers might lack. As professionals, we can pinpoint problematic areas to ensure quick fixes before the issue becomes extensive and more expensive to repair.
  • Determine safety standards – As reputable home inspectors, our experts at The Smart Inspector PLLC conduct Arlington new construction inspection with one goal in mind – to ensure the building meets the highest safety standards. We strive to protect your investment by ensuring all safety requirements are met. We stay up-to-date with the local regulations and remain meticulous with our methods for the optimal benefit of the homeowner.
  • Accountability – Construction work typically involves multiple parties, which increases the chances of human error and reduces the possibility of accountability. The workers may make mistakes when under pressure to meet tight deadlines without taking responsibility for the mishaps. An inspection prevents this by ensuring the relevant parties are held accountable, which releases you of the liability.


As a high-ranking home inspection company, involving us in your home ownership journey will bring tremendous benefits. We ensure you get your money’s worth without overcharging you for our services. Our new construction inspection in Arlington TX stands out in the industry because:

  • We use thermal imaging in every inspection
  • We give same-day reports and help you review them
  • Our inspectors have undergone the due process to prove their skills


Our passion for serving the communities around us is evident in our dedication to customers. We can help you save thousands of dollars at a reasonable cost. Get the best Arlington new construction inspection at (850) 637-7725.