Sewer Scope

Repairs to main drains can cost anywhere from $5k-$20k, so catching deficiencies in the main drain is well worth the upfront cost. Sewer Scope inspections provide invaluable information about the main sewer line of a property. The process involves lowering a specialty camera into the main drain and recording the contents of the drain. The drain is typically entered via a “cleanout”, aka access point, in the front or back yard. Older homes that lack cleanouts can still be accessed via the main drain waste vent on the roof.

Why would ordering a sewer scope inspection benefit you? Imagine this: you just bought your dream home and a month after moving in the drains no longer work and sewage is backing up into the house. Even worse, the interior of the home could become compromised if the sewage touches your floors, walls, furniture, etc…Clearly that is the worst case scenario, but it could all be avoided if the faulty main drain was identified before purchasing the house.

What kind of deficiencies lurk in the main drain of a house? Disconnected or Displaced pipes, Cracks in the pipes, Roots growing in the pipes, Clogs from debris or trash, Belly (low-point) in the pipes, etc…Any of these conditions can cause the main sewer line to fail. Even worse, these deficiencies typically are not caught during a standard home inspection, because (A) they’re underground and not visible and (B) the amount of water run during an inspection is drastically smaller than that of an entire family living in a house for a month or longer.

From older homes with cast iron pipes to brand new homes with disconnected main drains, every house is susceptible to main drain failures. When the soil moves, the drains move. If roots are beginning to creep into the drain, you’d much rather catch it before you own it! Let The Smart Inspector protect your investment and order your Sewer Scope Inspection today!