Burleson New Construction Inspection

If you are interested in purchasing or building a commercial property, Burleson new construction inspection is the only way to ensure the contractors do their work diligently without taking shortcuts. Introducing an independent inspector to your builder can push them to do better and deliver the best results. Our team can oversee the construction on your behalf, assess the relevant steps, and give the full report of our findings.


Our commercial inspection services consist of several categories, namely:

Building exterior: Our team will check the various outdoor features, such as the landscape and the soil slope or grading. We check for the possibility of water pooling near the foundation or soil erosion from poorly graded soil. We also inspect the roof, sprinkler system, and structural soundness of the building. We include all recommended repairs in the report and help you analyze it if necessary.

Mechanical components: The heating and plumbing units must have the capacity to serve the entire building. We also evaluate the electrical systems and other components, such as the doors and windows. Our goal is to ensure every element serves its intended purpose optimally.

Building interior: Thermal imaging technology is essential during interior Burleson new construction inspection. It shows us heat emissions that would otherwise remain undetected. Our inspectors will check the floors, walls, hardware, and all fixtures to ensure there is no possible health or safety risk.


Whether you are unaware of the inspection concept as a new homebuyer or have been referred by your realtor, The Smart Inspector PLLC will ensure you get a thorough new construction inspection in Burleson TX. Our credible inspections can help you avoid high repair costs in the future, allowing you to maximize the return on your investment. Some attributes that set us apart include:

  • In-person or over-the-phone inspection report reviews
  • Reliable services throughout the week
  • Reasonable prices with assured quality

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There is no limit to the number of inspections you can get – schedule one as often as you prefer. However, you must plan accordingly to ensure the Burleson new construction inspection is completed conveniently.