Colleyville Certified Home Inspectors

When it comes to purchasing, selling, or creating a home maintenance plan, the more information you have, the better the decision you will make. Before you make that final decision, hire Colleyville certified home inspectors to ensure the property meets the standards of safety, durability, and value. The Smart Inspector PLLC is here to provide you with an in-depth and certified home inspection, shedding light on every corner and giving you the confidence to move forward.


Our certified home inspectors in Colleyville TX, ensure our home inspections are not just routine checks; they are an educational journey. These assessments provide you with a holistic view of the property’s current condition, potential challenges, and the means to negotiate your property sale or purchase based on actual findings. We enable you to understand your investment and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

At The Smart Inspector PLLC, our certified home inspectors in Colleyville TX boast extensive industry knowledge and advanced inspection tools. Here’s why these inspections are important.

  • Ensuring the foundation, grading, drainage, walls, roofing, attic, floors, windows, doors, and more are in prime condition.
  • We offer a detailed review of the service entrance, panels, devices, fixtures, and beyond. You can use this information when implementing a home maintenance plan.
  • Get an exhaustive check of all heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
  • We assess the functionality and identify potential concerns in your plumbing system and major electrical appliances.

Over the years, we have successfully conducted thousands of inspections in the region. All our Colleyville certified home inspectors have a strong foundation in construction that empowers us to identify and assess home-related issues with clarity and precision. Contact us at (805) 637-7725 if you need a comprehensive inspection and a report the same day.

Our team of Colleyville certified home inspectors is ready to perform a thorough home inspection within the shortest period possible. For your convenience, we allow you to schedule the inspection early enough and at the time you are comfortable with. Remember, we perform new home inspections, listing inspections, and more.