Coppell New Construction Inspection

Buying a home is a wise investment that helps you secure a permanent residence for your loved ones for many years. However, you can only enjoy lasting peace of mind if you ensure the safety standards are met by hiring genuine Coppell new construction inspection services. As one of the best inspection companies in the industry, we excel at numerous services and offer many benefits to our clients.


  • We offer many services – We excel in various aspects of new construction inspection in Coppell TX. We are the people’s choice whether you need foundation inspections during the first phase or need to confirm the condition of the mechanical elements in the final stage. Our services are unparalleled because of our level of dedication, professionalism, and technology use. Every inspection comes with complimentary thermal imaging, and we endeavor to complete the job quickly.
  • We understand building techniques – As the construction industry continues to become competitive, many builders are devising ways of exploiting unsuspecting clients. We are here to bridge the gap and ensure you get the most out of your money. You can count on us to look after your interests by pointing out flaws from the beginning of the construction to the closing. Our inspections do not take days to complete; you get the results the same day to help you plan your next steps conveniently.
  • We are seasoned – Coppell new construction inspection is our area of specialization. We are passionate about evaluating new homes and giving home buyers their money’s worth. We have the necessary training and have continued to polish the art throughout the seasons to become the best. Our track record is evident in the client feedback we continue to receive.


The Smart Inspector PLLC has all it takes to cater to your new construction inspection in Coppell TX, no matter the size of your house. We offer:

  • Thermal imaging
  • 7-day availability
  • A licensed and well-trained crew


We have the tools, technical knowledge, and a proven track record to meet all your Coppell new construction inspection needs. Our team is reachable at (850)637-7725. Start the process today.