Fort Worth New Construction Inspection

Are you looking for thorough home inspections that will put your mind at ease? The Smart Inspector PLLC has you covered. Our experience in Fort Worth new construction inspection makes us the go-to choice for Texas residents, and we endeavor to provide several advantages to homeowners who hire us. Apart from ensuring we complete the job right the first time, we also value integrity, transparency, and quality service.


  • Our inspections are thorough: Our goal is to ensure you build a home in compliance with the local regulations. We know some builders cut corners and may not deliver the highest quality results. With our vast experience and knowledge, no defects will remain hidden to cost you more in the future or risk your life. With our new construction inspection in Fort Worth TX you can get maximum value for your money.
  • We use the latest technology in our processes: We pass the benefits of technology to our clients by using complimentary thermal imaging with every inspection we handle. This allows us to discover defects that are not easily identifiable, such as plumbing leaks and missing insulation. We can identify potential fire hazards from faulty wiring within the walls without damaging your property.
  • Our inspectors respond quickly: We are available daily throughout the week to offer Fort Worth new construction inspection. We respond promptly to calls and strive to complete the task the same day. We also provide same-day reports and review them with you.


Do not underestimate the benefit of a professional home inspection during the process of owning a new home. Our services can help you avoid the legal implications associated with broken building violations, prevent expensive future repairs, and mitigate safety hazards. You can be sure of the following when you hire us:

  • Reasonable prices
  • Quality services from licensed inspectors
  • $25 discount for a fun fact when you book through our website


We can customize our Fort Worth new construction inspection to suit the specific needs of our clients. Get started today by calling (850) 637- 7725.