Frisco Certified Home Inspectors

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments Americans make in their lifetime. It is, therefore, your responsibility to hire Frisco certified home inspectors to inspect your target home before making the final decision. At the Smart Inspector PLLC, we are happy to offer you a glimpse into the overall condition of a potential house by evaluating the various parts and systems of the house. Our inspection report will shed light on any issue the house may have so that you can comfortably make the decision only you can make.


  • Structural inspection: Our structural inspection services will help confirm the soundness of the home’s structural components, such as the foundation, roof, doors, windows, etc… If there is an issue, our certified home inspectors in Frisco TX will find it and include it in the inspection report.
  • HVAC: We will help you know if the HVAC system is performing efficiently and if it is the right size for the house.
  • Electrical: Our team will first confirm that the electrical system meets the building standards and then check if it has any deficiencies.
  • Thermal imaging: Not all issues can be detected with the naked eye. That is why we offer complimentary thermal imaging with all our home inspection services. Our Frisco certified home inspectors use thermal imaging to detect traces of heat, which enables them to find faults.

You can also hire us for the inspection of:

  • Pools and spas
  • Foundation Level Measurements
  • Irrigation or sprinkler systems
  • Wood Destroying Insect Reports


We are a professional home inspection company made up of Texas state-licensed inspectors. Our certified home inspectors in Frisco TX have been offering accredited inspection options to home buyers in Texas for years. We ensure that we complete a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report promptly so that you can make the right decision. You can also turn to us for emergencies thanks to our same-day inspections and reports.

Give us a call at (850) 637-7725 or visit our offices at 2101 Stonehill Ct, Arlington, TX 76012, for a chat with the best Frisco certified home inspectors. We also offer a $25 discount for bookings made through the website. Contact us anytime.