Irving House Inspection Services

Comprehensive Irving house inspection services could be the deciding factor in whether you score the house of your dreams or fall victim to a financial fiasco. Engaging the expertise of an experienced home inspector is indispensable in revealing the actual status of a property.


Ensure The Property Is In Good Condition

Before pouring their hard-earned money into what they hope will be their perfect home, smart buyers book our house inspection services in Irving TX for a comprehensive assessment of the property.

  • Structural Analysis – We meticulously evaluate the solidity of critical structural components such as the foundation, walls, floors, and roof, providing you with essential insights.
  • Thermal Imaging – At no extra cost, our pioneering technology allows our savvy inspectors to unearth issues not discernible with the human eye, including insulation inadequacies and hidden water leaks.
  • Sprinklers/Irrigation Inspection – Our Irving house inspection services team will scrutinize your irrigation system to detect leaks, inefficient design, and other problems.
  • Assessment of Grading & Drainage – We carefully check the landscaping, ensuring the proper flow of water away from the property’s foundation.
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System Check – We go beyond simply evaluating the functionality of your HVAC system to identifying any potential danger lurking within to maximize safety.
  • Electrical Systems Analysis – Our service includes an in-depth examination of wiring, electrical outlets, and the electrical panel to unearth any hazards or potential faulty or obsolete equipment.
  • Pools & Spas Examination – Our informed inspection involves checking the performance and safety of pool and spa equipment, confirming they comply with necessary regulations.
  • Appliances Check – We scrutinize the overall health and functionality of major appliances to help you sidestep unexpected glitches.


Before Your Warranty Expires, Contact Us For An 11-Month Inspection

As you approach your first year in your new home, connecting with house inspection services in Irving TX prior to the expiry of your one-year warranty is of utmost importance. This 11th-month inspection is crafted to:

  • Uncover any defects that might have surfaced since you settled in
  • Maximize the benefits of your home warranty coverage
  • Assist you in sidestepping potential costly maintenance in the future


Attention All Smart Property Owners

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