Keller Certified Home Inspectors

A home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. Hiring Keller certified home inspectors to conduct a thorough home inspection is a critical step to ensure the structural strength of your new home, prevent costly repairs, and protect your wealth. Luckily, at The Smart Inspector PLLC, we offer affordable, high-quality home inspections and same-day reports.

We have professionally trained and certified home inspectors in Keller TX. Our experts leverage their wealth of knowledge, a keen eye for detail, and cutting-edge tech like thermal imaging to find even flaws that other inspectors miss or overlook. Whether you need a brand-new home or an old one inspected, our professionals can help.


Our Keller certified home inspectors cover all common areas of concern when inspecting your home. We will provide digital photos, video evidence, and a detailed written report documenting the condition of your home. Generally, professional property inspections can:

  • Reveal potential issues and ensure they are fixed before they cause extensive damage
  • Offer peace of mind to the property owner
  • Prevent costly future repairs
  • Help in price negotiations, especially during the purchase or sale of your home
  • Help you make informed decisions regarding the sale, purchase, or maintenance of your home

At The Smart Inspector PLLC, we want our customers to make informed decisions about the purchase, sale, or maintenance of their homes. That’s why our certified home inspectors in Keller TX, strive to give them detailed inspection reports that provide the information necessary to make wise property-related decisions – like buying or selling.

As the leading Keller certified home inspectors, we believe in true family values – you deserve a home that is functional, efficient, and safe. That’s why we undertake all necessary inspections to ensure your home is in top shape always. We take pride in ensuring we get the job done right and at an affordable price.

With the info that we offer thorough residential property inspections, our clients can request to fix the potential issues identified during the inspection. From leaky pipes to damaged shingles and other issues related to home maintenance, we can help you identify these issues before they cause costly repairs. Call (805) 637-7725 and you get excellent services.