Keller Licensed Home Inspectors

Whether you’re buying a home, building a home or selling a home, a home inspection gives you insight into the condition that the property is in. The Keller licensed home inspectors from The Smart Inspector will provide you with a comprehensive home inspection that checks both the interior and exterior of your property. This way, you’ll be made aware of any issues with the home so that you can address them before you move in.

Home inspections are a necessary part of buying a home, and they serve as an excellent negotiation tool when it comes to getting things done. You only spend a few minutes touring a home before making an offer, so be sure that you know what you’re getting. Schedule a home inspection with our licensed home inspectors in Keller TX today!

Who is Responsible for a Home Inspection?

Generally speaking, the buyer is responsible for finding a professional home inspector and paying them. Unless you deeply trust your realtor, it’s best to find your own inspector, as this ensures unbiased, objective feedback on your home’s condition.

The price of home inspections vary based on square footage, but typically cost under $500. While this may seem like another thing to pay for during the process, it’s probably one of the most important. Lenders typically require inspections before borrowing money, and you need to know if there are any hidden problems. In the end, a few hundred dollars can save you thousands!

What Do Your Licensed Home Inspectors in Keller TX Look For?

Our home inspectors are extremely thorough and check everything that’s visible. You may need a specialized inspection if you’re checking for something specific, such as tree roots underground affecting the plumbing lines. Otherwise, we take care of most everything else!

Here are the areas that our inspectors thoroughly review for potential problems or defects:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Structural components
  • Electrical systems
  • Appliances
  • Grading and drainage
  • Irrigation and sprinklers
  • Pools and spas

Why Choose Us for Your Home Inspection Needs

The Smart Inspector wants to help you make an informed decision. We provide detailed, high-quality inspections that are never rushed through. Our Keller licensed home inspectors take their time and provide a comprehensive written report with pictures and videos. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting with your new home.

If there are issues, you can negotiate with the seller or back out of the sale. We know this can be difficult to do, but it’s better than investing in a property that will need extensive repairs. Our inspectors are licensed and trained to use the latest technology. In fact, we include thermal imaging with all of our inspections!

To schedule your home inspection, contact our Keller licensed home inspectors today.