Lewisville New Construction Inspection

Contrary to popular belief, newly constructed properties are not always perfect. The building process involves various processes and personnel, which creates room for error. Some team members may overlook some aspects that may cause problems later. Lewisville new construction inspection is the solution.


  • When buying a home – Buying a new property comes with many uncertainties, which can be eliminated with new construction inspection in Lewisville TX. Before signing the closing documents, ensure a licensed home inspector goes through every part of the building to ascertain its suitability. Our report can help you negotiate a fair price and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Remember, even new buildings can have deficiencies you should identify before the end of the option period.
  • When considering a new construction – Building your home instead of buying one has many advantages, such as customization options. However, it may also present risks and complications that could cost you more in the long run. With timely inspections, you can hold your contractor accountable and avoid paying for repairs.
  • When selling a home – Undisclosed issues are the number one reason for delayed closing during a property sale, which can interfere with the property’s value. The longer the property remains in the market, the more you lose your leverage and the higher the chances of price reduction. Lewisville new construction inspection can give you an edge in the discovery process.


At The Smart Inspector PLLC, we believe in maintaining the highest standards and utilizing our skills to benefit our customers. We know the homeownership process can be stressful, and we aim to make it easier with thorough inspections. We can uncover hidden issues before you own the property to ensure you do not incur extra costs. Some of the benefits of our new construction inspection in Lewisville TX, include the following:

  • We are available throughout the week
  • We issue same-day reports with over-the-phone or in-person reviews
  • We offer quick and reliable results thanks to our use of the latest technology


Get in touch at (850) 637- 7725 for Lewisville new construction inspection that will save you time and money. We will give you an accurate quote and complete the job promptly.