Mansfield Licensed Home Inspectors

When you need to schedule a comprehensive home inspection, contact the Mansfield licensed home inspectors from The Smart Inspector. As a locally owned business, we provide detailed, high-quality inspections for individuals looking to buy, sell or build a home. Our experience and keen eye for detail ensures you get the information you need to make an informed decision. After all, a home is the most significant investment for most people.  

To schedule your home inspection, contact our licensed home inspectors in Mansfield TX today. We have flexible appointments, including same-day inspections and reports. We highly recommend scheduling your inspection once you sign the contract, as this will give you time to negotiate with the seller, if need be, without affecting your closing date.


Why are Home Inspections Necessary?

Here in Texas, home inspections aren’t mandatory when buying a home, but they are definitely a smart thing to do. They will tell you if your property needs any major repairs now or in the near future. Not to mention, your lender probably won’t lend you money until you schedule a home inspection. They want to make sure that you’re using their money wisely.

Here are the benefits of scheduling a home inspection with our Mansfield licensed home inspectors:

  • Gain leverage as a buyer. Before you finalize the sale, you can address some of the issues in the report with the seller, such as fixing foundation cracks or repairing a leaky roof. If the seller isn’t interested in doing this, you can negotiate a lower price.
  • Identify potential safety risks. You deserve to live in a safe home. By scheduling an inspection, you can be made aware of issues like improper wiring, structural issues, faulty appliances and more.
  • Plan for future costs. Owning a home is a big responsibility, and you’re likely to need repairs in the near future. The inspection report will give you insight into the things that may need replacing, such as appliances or HVAC equipment.
  • Avoid buyer’s remorse. If you’re not properly informed of your home’s condition, you could move in and feel buyer’s remorse right away. Even if your report doesn’t show any problems, you can sleep easy knowing that your property is safe.


Why Choose Our Licensed Home Inspectors in Mansfield TX

The Smart Inspector provides thorough, detailed inspections using the latest equipment and technology, such as thermal imaging, digital cameras and reporting software. All of our inspectors are trained and licensed in the state of Texas, providing superior service. We also have same-day inspections and reports and the option to save $25 by booking online and sharing a fun fact!

To schedule your home inspection with our Mansfield licensed home inspectors, contact The Smart Inspector today.