Prosper Certified Home Inspectors

Whether you are selling, buying, or just maintaining your home, our Prosper certified home inspectors are ready to conduct a thorough home inspection for you. The licensed and professional inspectors have undergone extensive training and have decades of hands-on experience in the home building and maintenance industry.


At The Smart Inspector PLLC, we strictly follow the Texas Real Estates’ standards of practice for all residential property inspectors. Our certified home inspectors in Prosper TX, focus on assessing the condition of your home’s systems and structural integrity. They also determine the current efficiency level of these systems and identify areas that need repairs or replacements.

We will ensure a same-day inspection and report that details the current condition of your residential property.


All our Prosper certified home inspectors have the professional and practical expertise needed to assess homes and identify all possible defects, inefficiencies, and different forms of damage. We systematically assess various components and systems within your residential property. This way, we can create a detailed, computer-generated home inspection report that carefully illustrates the current condition of your house. Here are other reasons to trust us.

  • We are always updated with the latest standards
  • Unmatched commitment to client satisfaction
  • Recognized and respected in the industry
  • We use state-of-the-art home inspection equipment and tech
  • We ensure peace of mind and confidence for our clients

If you have any questions, our professional and certified home inspectors in Prosper TX, will respond to them and offer a report review (when necessary). Remember, our high-quality home inspections and same-day reports offer Prosper property owners the information they need to make informed decisions about home maintenance, purchase, or sale of their residential properties.


As one of the top-rated Prosper certified home inspectors, we have become a trusted and frequently consulted home inspection company. We provide an unbiased, impartial, and detailed property assessment that paints a clear picture of your home’s sturdiness, efficiency, and overall value.

So, whether you plan to sell, buy, or simply create a home maintenance schedule, contact us at (805) 637-7725. Our inspection service will provide the information you need to make a wise choice.